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Just a team with a dream: Creating a friction-less digital engineering world.

VRIZE started like any other startup with a passionate team, late-night pasta dinners, and plenty of excited brainstorming sessions—with an emphasis on “storm.” They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We got our first order in the Covid world of 2020, and a few short months, countless coffee cups, and one pesky pandemic later, VRIZE has grown into a 200-member team of professionals working to change the digital engineering world.

Our team is a multi-faceted group of experts in their fields, who always strive for outstanding results. The two values that drive our entire mission are customer empathy and engineering excellence. With these values at the core of all we do, any customer challenge can be tackled, and all aspirations achieved.

We at VRIZE believe our team is the best of the best. With 100+ years of enterprise experience within the executive team, we understand the solutions businesses need to succeed. If you’re ready to create a “friction-less” digital engineering experience for your enterprise, our experts are ready to help.


Maloy Roy

Maloy Roy
Chief Executive Officer

Maloy has 23 years of experience consulting and building technology solutions for customers across continents and for a variety of industries from steel plants to credit cards. Maloy started VRIZE to make things simple in the technology space - break the patterns of large complex contracts, measure solution delivery on customer success instead of margins, and establish that service industries do need A+ talent just like the product startups.

As CEO, Maloy is focused on building VRIZE as a deep talent company that believes in staying humble, hungry, and not shy of failing. Business impact will define the success and failure of our work.

The hours when he is not having fun at VRIZE, Maloy is out there with his boys playing football or kayaking and fishing in the Florida waters.

Yashika Thimmaiah

Yashika Thimmaiah
Chief Human Resources Officer

Yashika is a compassionate leader who believes in ordinary people delivering extraordinary results. Yashika excels in the areas of building high energy self-driven engineering talent and cultivating a working environment centered on freedom &responsibility. Yashika knows that we are fighting an asynchronous battle on talent and hence she is busy building our talent density one VRIZER at a time. A deliberate and slow process without any short cuts.

Yashika has done this before in her leadership roles at Dell, Symantec Software, Tech Mahindra & ITC InfoTech. She is an Engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology and PGDHRM from Symbiosis Institute of Management. She is an avid agriculturist with plantations in coffee & spices. Her interest areas extend into Canvas Painting, Yoga, and Mindfulness coaching. A breathtaking range that makes us wonder how she pulls it all together!

Yashika dreams of creating a high energy and globally distributed Talent Organization at VRIZE keeping Diversity and Inclusiveness at the core of it.

Sreelekha P G

Sreelekha P G
Brand Marketing Lead

Sree is passionate about marketing which to her is about knowing your customers and creating messages that resonate. She is constantly probing, asking questions and seeking answers to the problems VRIZE customers are solving and how VRIZE engineers are delivering value. As a Brand Marketing Lead, Sreelekha will manage VRIZE’s brand presence across all digital platforms, maintain digital/marketing assets, coordinate with external design agencies, and be the team’s public relations liaison.

Prior to VRIZE, Sree worked with EY where she was a Brand Marketing and Communications lead for EU region, leading cross functional teams for branding and enhancing EY’s global presence. She also led portfolios and survey programs besides shaping and integrating the execution of key marketing campaigns.  

Outside work, she is busy with her 10-month-old and indulges in craft, painting and baking when she does find a few quiet moments.

Manish Chandrakar

Manish Chandrakar
Chief Revenue Officer

Sales as we last knew them do not exist anymore. Manish's goal is to be the challenger to their customers’ status quo by helping them lead within their category. No matter the function, VRIZE's solutions need to be experience led and market benchmarked. With the plethora of solutions and innumerable techs around, solution decision making is increasingly complex, and tech skills are scarce. VRIZE's goal is to study the field and be their customers’ lookout in making the best decisions followed by a flawless implementation. VRIZE's belief is their customers would be their greatest spokespeople. And the word will spread.

Before VRIZE, Manish was leading Central and West sales for Retail vertical at HCL. Prior to that, he led the central retail portfolio of premier accounts at Cognizant. Most of his time in these roles was with CXOs and their leadership team to brainstorm and recommend solutions that moved the needle for their business.

Manish lives with his wife and two kids in the cowboy country of Dallas. When he's not with his girls teaching them equestrian skills, he spends his spare time refining his culinary skills, indoors and outdoors.

Babuji Abraham

Babuji Abraham
Chief Technology Officer

Post COVID world will be more software driven than ever before, especially with the renewed focus on solutions that are remote, touch-less, perceptive, and adaptive. As much as we need new technologies, most of our enterprise challenges come from the right and wrongs in the choice of technology and its application, from ignoring the human systems that are both the means and end to the technology implementations. Babuji has taken an objective of working with VRIZE’s talented and driven engineering team to build and implement solutions that leverage technology products and services in their most simple and friction-less form. This requires the team to be close to customer objectives and carry a strong handle on technologies involved. Babuji’s previous roles as CTO and technology leader have exposed him to the hard choices involved in walking this path. In his role as a CTO at VRIZE, Babuji will not only be charting the technology roadmap for the company but also be the voice of customer in key technology choices.

Babuji is a seasoned business leader with over 3 decades of industry experience in building and growing technology businesses.  Most recently. Babuji was Chief Technology Officer at ITC Infotech. Prior to that, Babuji has built and led several business units at Mindtree, including Cloud Business, Microsoft Business Unit, and Retail & Consumer Goods industry vertical. Babuji is also an investor in several startups and devotes his spare time mentoring rural sector entrepreneurs in the southern India state of Kerala.

Elsy Vineet

Elsy Vineet
Sales Director - New Accounts

Elsy believes empathy and flexibility in business partnerships is essential and should form the core. “Journey above destination always“ she says. Her “start with why” approach has helped her forge deep and enduring customer relationships in her career and her excitement for new customer conversations is something to be seen. VRIZE teams sleeps easy knowing Elsy is handholding our customer conversations.

Prior to VRIZE, Elsy worked with HCL Technologies where she was a Retail & Consumer Goods sales lead for North America, working with sales leaders and marketing units to create high-impact campaigns around key buying events. She also worked on select customer relationships owning the sales process from research and first meeting to post contract on-boarding, making sure the journey experience lived up to the customers expectation.

A vocal local, an ardent feminist, a selective social - when she is not busy scouting for prospective customers, she writes and happily bakes crumble with her 11-year-old.

Naharaajan Jayaraman

Naharaajan Jayaraman “Raj”
VP – Delivery

Raj is a techno functional leader with over 26 years of experience in technology, consulting, and building customer focused delivery organizations. He believes that “nothing sells like successful delivery” and to support this, Raj wants to build a frictionless and empowered delivery organization that measures itself on customer’s business outcomes. Raj spends a ton of time seeding agile principles and evangelizing user experience driven development within our young engineering community at VRIZE.

Prior to joining VRIZE, Raj championed the same principles at Neiman Marcus, Cognizant, and Mindtree to name a few. A Computer engineering graduate from RVS College of Engineering and Technology Dindigul, Raj also got his EMBA from University of Nebraska, Omaha.

Raj lives with his wife and daughter in Plano, TX. Raj is an ardent Cowboy fan and loves Tamil music.

Bradford Ashby

Bradford Ashby
Director - Program Management

Throughout his early life, Brad always enjoyed being around people, having good conversations, building relationships, and growing those relationships into strong friendships through meaningful and memorable interactions. This subconscious need to interact with people and desire to have a meaningful impact is what naturally paved the path for Brad to become a leader, both “on and off the field.”

Before joining VRIZE, Brad worked in the IT consulting industry with Accenture, and most recently with Booz Allen Hamilton as an IT Strategy and Digital Transformation practice lead. Over the past 17+ years, he has worked with several public and private sector organizations where he developed his passion for Program/Project management and initially realized the realm of possibilities a diverse and intelligent team can deliver when tasked with thinking outside of the box to solve complex organizational challenges.  Brad’s goal is to develop and foster an environment at VRIZE where creative and outside of the box thinking is the norm by “working smarter, not harder,” a mantra he whole heartedly believes in.

Outside of work, Brad spends the majority of his time with his family in the North Texas area. When he’s not with his family, he spends (or at least would like to spend) his spare time mountain biking, hiking, relaxing on the beach, or on a mountain somewhere snowboarding.

Alexandria Smith

Alexandria Smith
Director - Product Management

Alex is an accomplished Product Leader with deep expertise in financial services. Alex jumped into the consulting world with Sapient where she honed her skills working with Fortune 100 companies on their digital transformation journey. She takes products from ideation through implementation with a passion for solving tomorrow’s problems.

At VRIZE Alex will work to champion the product perspective and build out the product practice. With a focus on users and their perspective she looks forward to providing service above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Alex is currently located in Orange County, California close to her family. When she is not working, she loves spending time outside and exploring nature.

Pratyush Patodia

Pratyush Patodia
Head - Data Science Practice

Pratyush is a seasoned data science professional with a decade of experience. He has developed and validated numerous machine learning models and associated solutions throughout his career. Most recently, has was leading the data science team for the digital lending fintech arm of India’s third largest corporate conglomerate (Aditya Birla), where models developed and deployed by him enabled real-time, data driven business and operation decisions across the lifecycle. Prior to this, he was with EY, where he cut his teeth on developing and validating machine learning models for financial services companies across North America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia markets.

Pratyush has a strong technical background through his M.S in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata. He is a hands-on leader who aspires to work from soup to nuts, by conceptualizing, planning, and executing. He is a strong proponent of open-source technology components which he values for their modularity, light weight, and sense of community.

Outside work, Pratyush enjoys gregarious activities such as sports and event meetups, as much as he values his private time where he loves to take long walks, consume media, and meditate.

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