AI has become an integral part of data analysis and business productivity. Is your company ready to get on board?

Our services are ideal for companies just beginning their AI journeys as well as those focused on scaling their AI pilots into production. All AI services are backed by a dedicated engineering team with years of expertise in core AI technology design.

As experts in micro-services architecture and cloud-based solutions, we’re well-acquainted with how important containers have become to your AI pipeline. Cloud-based AI is set to become the top cloud service in a matter of years, and now’s the perfect time to get invested:

• Deep Neural Network (DNN) data analysis
• Semantic approaches to Neural Language Technology (NLT)
• Use of graphs/advanced analytics to manage business intelligence

With VRIZE, you’ll gain a new way to scale AI program production. In turn, this helps you realize more value out of every investment you make in your AI infrastructure and strategy.

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