Team focussed on creating a friction-less digital engineering world

About Us

Just a team with a dream: Creating a friction-less digital engineering world.

VRIZE started like any other startup with a passionate team, late-night pasta dinners, and plenty of excited brainstorming sessions—with an emphasis on “storm.” They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We got our first order in the Covid world of 2020, and a few short months, countless coffee cups, and one pesky pandemic later, VRIZE has grown into a 450+ member team of professionals working to change the digital engineering world.

Our team is a multi-faceted group of experts in their fields, who always strive for outstanding results. The two values that drive our entire mission are customer empathy and engineering excellence. With these values at the core of all we do, any customer challenge can be tackled, and all aspirations achieved.

We at VRIZE believe our team is the best of the best. With 100+ years of enterprise experience within the executive team, we understand the solutions businesses need to succeed. If you’re ready to create a “friction-less” digital engineering experience for your enterprise, our experts are ready to help.


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