Data Engineering

Continuing the ‘data is the new oil’ analogy, our Data Engineering team ensures that your data assets are generated completely and accurately through optimal consideration, design, instrumentation, and calibration. With numerous organizations either setting up infrastructure to create and leverage data or migrating from legacy systems, this can seem to be a daunting exercise.

Our Data Engineering team can help generate data to flow for further business value addition downstream for newer organizations and set-ups. For more mature datascapes, we can help manage and optimize existing artifacts and set-ups to ensure that the data generation and flow are as lossless as possible.

  • Architecture Design – Our experienced data and cloud architects will work with your business and technology teams to design bespoke architecture that can help kickstart the creation and flow of data assets across the entire organization and unlock more profound value
  • Cloud Infrastructure Set-up – With engineers well versed in Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud platforms, our team will help execute architecture designs into robust, scalable cloud infrastructure set-ups that will keep data-driven business processes ticking like clockwork.
  • Vendor Selection – Our collective experience and partnerships with the leading as well as emergent technologies will help you select the right vendors for transformational and incremental change programs
  • Architecture Refactoring and Cloud Optimization – Our experienced data and cloud architects will work with your business and technology teams to refactor and optimize your existing architecture, including oversized, complex migrations from on-premise to cloud
  • Data Lakehouse – With extensive experience in designing and developing robust and scalable data lakehouses from scratch across multiple available technologies, our team of engineers will create data ETL pipelines that will allow your business analysts and data scientists to unlock deep value that will help you stay at the bleeding edge of the competition
  • Visualization – Need business value extracted quickly and in a no-fuss manner? Our team of business analysts and data scientists will help implement the most insightful visualizations across a range of tools and technologies

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