Digital Marketplace Platforms (Bespoke or COTS – Magento, Commerce Tools)

The Future of Commerce is on a Hyper track already. Untapped opportunity for innovative idea startups, equity-backed pioneers, or strategic-minded retailers running at a disruptive pace and staying ahead of the curve.

Just like owning a Datacenter that was a must-have a decade back has become a sign of Must not have. Owning all components of customer experience in Digital Commerce is a concept of the past. Complexities of experience, Promised Delivery, Optimized Inventory, Storage and Markdowns need decentralized sales and fulfillment.

This cusp of Digital Marketplace & Smart Platforms is what VRIZE brings to the table. We help customers implement strategies that increase revenue through alternate channel participation both into and from by building Digital Marketplaces for Multi-Vendor value unlock.

VRIZE has partnered with multiple solution providers like Adobe Magento and Commerce tools to render the white space of rapid engineering of Digital Marketplace from idea to going Live.

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